Rutgers Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences [Dept. of Animal Sciences]

Education and Training

Photo: Boy holding a crab.

Education at the JC NERR takes on a variety of formats. Programs are tailored to formal and non-formal educators, coastal resource managers, elected and appointed municipal officials, municipal staff, non-profits, interested community members, families and outdoor enthusiasts. The cornerstone of all education programs is the translation of scientific data into information attendees can best understand and appreciate.

Take time to explore the education and outreach opportunities offered by the JC NERR. There is something for everyone!


A suite of family, recreation, and children's programs are offered by the Reserve. These programs focus on the research, habitats, and the flora and fauna of the coastal and marine environments of New Jersey.



A wide range of professional development opportunities for formal and non-formal educators are offered. Programs are designed to increase the knowledge and confidence for teaching habitat-based science content. Attendees enjoy inquiry-based, interdisciplinary, student- centered activities and will learn a variety of teaching strategies. Programs focus on the marine and coastal environments of New Jersey including the Pine Barrens.


The Coastal Training Program provides up-to date scientific information and skill-building programs for New Jersey's coastal management community. Program formats include seminars, hands-on skill training, participatory workshops, lectures, and technology demonstrations.


The JC NERR Coastal Repository Library has compiled a number of resources available for your reference. Please visit the Coastal Education Center in Tuckerton, NJ to view these resources, or Contact the JC NERR staff.

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