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Professional Development for Educators

A variety of professional development opportunities and educational resources are available through the Cousteau Reserve in Tuckerton, NJ. Additional resources for estuarine ecology are available. Both local and national programs are listed below. If you have questions, please contact Kaitlin Gannon, Education Coordinator at 609-812-0649 ext. 206 or at


comic sea how high
Free, new interactive game to teach about sea level rise

Are the seas really rising? Could your favorite beach disappear? Drinking water turn salty? Who’ll have to migrate? ‘Sea How High’ helps your audience grasp the causes and effects of; responses to; and solutions surrounding both micro and macro issues of accelerating sea level rise. Sea How High is a game which involves a flooded house scenario. The flood water is indicated by a movable slider bar across a poster of a home. Players take turns by selecting challenge cards from rolling a die and answering multiple choice questions. Correct answers move the slider bar downward, lowering the water level. Incorrect answers leave the slider bar upward as-is. The goal is to get as many answers correct as possible to ‘save’ the home. Interaction with; and a flooded model landscape augment the game kit.  

In 2018 field trials of this new product, 95% of players reported learning new information and 64% committed to changing a personal behavior to lower carbon emissions. 100% of the behaviors selected were featured in the game.

‘Sea How High’ was designed and fabricated by Rutgers Environmental Stewards interns ( in partnership with JC NERR. In addition to its availability through this website, members of the local public can play the game at JC NERR field festivals and at the Tuckerton Seaport Museum.

Click here for access to the game!




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