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Creature Features

A weekly summer program for children in 1st-5th grade that introduces them to the creatures of the estuary and ocean through hands on activities, crafts and special guest visitors.

Ecological Evenings

A collection of evening presentations by scientists and professionals to inform adult audiences of current coastal issues and science research and well as inspire appreciation for the natural world.

Family/Summer Fun

A collection of programs designed for all ages to enjoy the wonders of the natural world.  Perfect for the whole family!

Lunch n' Learn

In partnership with the Tuckerton Seaport, our Lunch n' Learn series informs residents on the research, cultural history and watersheds of the Mullica River- Great Bay and Barnegat Bay.

Out and About the Reserve

Join us as we explore the Reserve through a variety of recreational activities such as hiking, canoeing and bird watching.

Special Opportunities

Build A Better Backyard Series: Create Your Own Pollinators Garden
April 18, 2014
10:00-11:30 AM

Worldwide, approximately 1,000 plants grown for food, beverages, fibers, spices, and medicines need to be pollinated by animals in order to produce the goods on which we depend. The problem is that we are seeing huge declines in these vital species. How can you help? Plant a pollinators garden. We'll give you the know how, resources, and materials to get you started on creating your own beautiful garden that both you and the pollinators will enjoy.







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